Best Cutting Board For Ceramic Knives


Have you recently bought a ceramic knife or are you thinking about getting one but are not really sure what kind of cutting boards can you pair it with?

Ceramic knives are sharper than steel ones, and can last up to ten times longer, provided you care for them. Ceramic blades are not as flexible or though, so they are not good for slicing hard foods, and in the same way they are not suitable for certain surfaces.

Best Cutting Board for Ceramic Knife

But don’t despair! Let us help you choose the best cutting board for your ceramic knife.

Best Premium Option: Large Walnut Wood Cutting Board by Virginia Boys Kitchens

Are you looking for an elegant, sturdy and durable option?

If a slightly higher investment is not a concern for you, then wood is the way to go, and this large cutting board is one of the best of it’s kind, still available at an affordable price.

Large Walnut Wood Cutting Board by Virginia Boys Kitchens

Why you should buy this product?

A good wood cutting board can’t miss in your kitchen. They are very versatile and can be used to safely slice most kind of foods. The wood surface will care for your ceramic knife blade, increasing it’s lifespan, more so than bamboo.

The elegant design make this premium cutting board perfect for a gift, or to be used as a rustic serving platter.

Best Budget Option: Extra Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board by Royal

Are you in a hurry? Then look no further than this bamboo cutting board with more than 900 satisfied customer reviews.

Extra Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board by Royal

Why you should by this product?

Both wood and bamboo are excellent materials for a cutting board, especially when pairing with a ceramic knife. Bamboo boards are perfect to slice vegetables, fruit, and other soft foods. As you may already know, ceramic knives cannot be used on hard foods, so this board is a perfect match for them.

If the low price is not reason enough to buy it, then you may be interested in knowing that this product is 100% eco friendly. Built only with organic materials and resistant to bacteria and microbes, you’re getting top notch quality at an unbeatable price.

Best Cutting Boards Materials for Ceramic Knives

  1. Wood is our top choice, and should be one of your first options if you are looking for quality. Check also: Buyer’s guide to the best wood cutting boards.
  2. Bamboo (which is considered a type of grass and not wood) is also a solid choice if you are looking for an eco-friendly budget option. Check also: Buyer’s guide to the best bamboo cutting boards.
  3. Polypropylene (Plastic, Acrylic, etc.) is a suitable option either, but in terms of quality this cutting boards are not as good as wood and bamboo, so we would suggest you stick to those materials if you can.

Materials To avoid

Ceramic knives blades are extremely sharp, but are not suitable to slice hard foods. In the same way, if you use a cutting board made of any of the following materials, chances are you will dull the blade rather sooner than later, so you must avoid them at all costs.

  • Glass
  • Granite
  • Marble

Wood VS Bamboo

If we had to choose between a wood cutting board and a bamboo one, we would be inclined to buy the former.

Wood vs bamboo cutting board

Wood and bamboo cutting boards are the best fit for a ceramic knife, but wood takes the prize home. They are sturdy, durable, elegant, and they will last you much longer than bamboo boards.

Their surface is softer and it’s the best overall to care for your knife blade. That means you won’t have to sharpen your knives all that often (and as you may know, you can’t sharpen a ceramic knife with a sharpener meant for metal blades). All in all, if you are looking for the best cutting board for a ceramic knife, we suggest you invest in a good wood cutting board.

But not all wood cutting boards are created equal, and within this category, we think that the best ones are the end grain wood cutting boards. These are made from hardwood and are usually much more resistant than standard ones. In fact, our premium suggestion is actually a board made of walnut wood.

Wood vs hardwood cutting board

Wood VS Plastic

Plastic cutting boards are usually easier to clean, and cheap to replace, while wood cutting boards need constant careful maintenance.

wood vs plastic cutting board

The main disadvantage of plastic cutting boards is that they are easily scratched, so is easy for bacteria to hide and growth on those cracks. On the other hand, end grain wood cutting boards made of hardwood are usually safer and less prone to bacteria growth, but they are harder to clean.

Our suggestion? Wood it’s still the most suitable material for a ceramic knife so we recommend you to have at least one in your arsenal. Use it to slice fruit, soft cheese, soft bread and vegetables. Keep a second plastic cutting board at hand and use it to slice boneless raw meat (remember that you cannot use ceramic knives to cut bones).

You haven’t decided which ceramic knife to pick yet? Check why you should buy one in our detailed buyer’s guide.