Top 10 Best Memory Foam Mattress Review


After a day’s work, nothing feels better than lying down on a soft, comfortable mattress that will soothe all the aching parts of your body. Not only does it keeps you relaxed, but it also gives you a good night’s sleep. This is why you need to have the perfect mattress in your bedroom. The most comfortable mattress makes you feel more at ease when lying down.

Not all mattresses are the same, as they come in different sizes to accommodate your specific sleeping needs. Also, the firmness of the foam used can go from being very plush to very stiff. You can select between spring mattresses or those with memory foams alone. It can be very tricky to find the right kind for you. Good thing you can count on a few guides to help you understand the different mattresses in the market. Know the key points of buying the best foam mattress from below.

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Memory Foam Mattresses

It’s not just the size of the mattress that is different from one to another. Even the thickness of the foam used is different as well. Some are thick but still soft, while others are not the thick but come in the right level of softness. With this in mind, you check on the material and thickness of the foam used. Foams in a mattress may be layered together to provide you with the most comfortable product possible. Consider what you prefer before making a final buying decision.

The weight of the mattress matters as well. Usually, thick mattresses have a heavier weight than the thin ones. But thicker mattresses don’t mean they are the best for you. You should also look into scent infusion, where fragrances are infused into the mattress, keeping it smelling like green tea or other natural oils. When shopping, you may also encounter a gel-infused mattress, which is highly recommended for humid temperatures since it moderates the temperature and keeps the mattress cool against your skin.

When buying a mattress, take into account your sleeping preference.

  • Buy a mattress with a lot of pressure relief when you prefer to sleep on your side, such as a memory foam or one with a fluffy topper.
  • Buy a mattress with a firm top surface if you prefer to sleep on your stomach, such as a dense innerspring mattress. Avoid a memory foam as this can be enveloping and smothering.
  • Buy a mattress with a support in the middle if you prefer to sleep on your back. The middle support will keep your spine aligned in a healthy way.
  • Buy a mattress with good motion isolation if you usually toss and turn at night, such as a memory foam, air-filled mattress or an innerspring with pocketed coils.
  • Buy a mattress with antimicrobial and dust mite-resistant properties if you have allergies, such as foam and latex. An alternative would be to use an allergen-resistant cover. 

Top 10 Best Memory Foam Mattresses Review

10. Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress Blue (Queen) 10FM01Q

Key Feature & Specification
  • It has a length of 80 inches, height of 60 inches, and thickness of 10 inches.
  • It has layers of memory foam, base support foam, and gel-infused foam.
  • It weighs 63.3 pounds.
  • This is a plush queen-sized mattress.

The Olee Sleep memory foam has been infused with gel to regulate temperature while you lie down on the mattress. The overall thickness of this is 10 inches which are perfect for proper body support when you’re resting. Made of pressure-relief materials, it conforms to your body’s shape, weight, and temperature, ensuring a good night’s sleep. With a Convoluted HD Layer, it is durable, resilient and breathable.

  • It has protective ILD HD foam that keeps the memory foam safe from defects.
  • The gel regulates the temperature of the foam to keep it cool.
  • It still has firm sides which can be distracting for side sleepers who want something softer.
  • May have a strong smell for some
Why You Should Buy This Product?

If you are looking for a thick and plush mattress that keeps your body cool regardless of the room temperature, then this mattress is one to consider. It is extremely soft with breathable materials for a better sleeping experience. Also, its foams provide proper body support and adapt to your body’s shape. Relaxation and comfort at best are what this queen-sized mattress promises.

9. Classic Brands Cool Gel 8 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Twin Size

Key Feature & Specification
  • This firm gel-infused mattress has a dimension of 75 x 39 x 8 inches.
  • It weighs 36 pounds with 2 inches of gel memory foam and 6 inches base support.
  • This is hypoallergenic and dust free.
  • It has a soft knit cover.
  • CertiPUR-US Certified Foam that guarantees a certified flexible polyurethane foam is used.

This is twin-size mattress with a thickness of 8 inches made up of layers of memory and base foam. Its memory foam is gel infused that keeps the temperature of the mattress regulated for better sleeping. Another highlight of this is that it is made hypoallergenic to keep you safe from any possible triggers of your allergies. Aside from these, the layers of the mattress are capable of absorbing vibrations made by someone moving next to you. This means you sleep undisturbed even when someone else tosses and turns all night. This top-of-the-line mattress is indeed great for long rests.

  • The temperature of the mattress is regulated by the gel, keeping it cool.
  • Can accommodate two people
  • Ensures you sleep undisturbed even when someone next to you tosses and turns
  • The mattress can be too firm for lightweight users but too plush for those with extra weight.
Why You Should Buy This Product?

If you are looking a lightweight mattress with a cooling gel layer, then you should consider buying the Classic Brands Cool Gel 8 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress. It has a soft knit cover that wraps the layers of conforming memory foam and its bodysupporting base foam. Keep yourself comfortable while on top of the mattress. With a promise of cool, worry-free, and undisturbed sleep, this mattress is definitely worth the investment.

8. Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate 14-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress, King Size

Key Feature & Specification
  • This 14-inch thick mattress is made of 2 inches gel-infused memory foam, 2 inches comfort foam, and 8 inches base layer.
  • It has an orthopedic support layer.
  • It is made to be dust- and mite-free.
  • It weighs 142 pounds.
  • The dimension of the product is 80 inches by 76 inches by 14 inches.

This mattress from Classic Brands uses the latest gel technology and infuses it with the memory foam. Not only would it conform to your body, but it also gives you the cool feeling as you lie down. Aside from this, it also has a thick base with a comfort foam in between. It gives your body the support it needs but keeps the softness to a tolerable level for a better sleeping experience.  Furthermore, this mattress has also been made dust and mite-free to sleep on it better without worries of possible skin itchiness later on. Feel like a king as you sleep in this king-sized bed by Classic Brands.

  • It is gel-infused which regulates the temperature when lying down on the mattress.
  • The ventilated top layer keeps the mattress cool.
  • It is a plush mattress that keeps your body very relaxed.
  • The product can have a distinct smell after unboxing mostly because of the packaging.
  • It is a heavy mattress but definitely comfortable.
Why You Should Buy This Product?

This king-sized bed is highly advantageous since it uses the latest gel technology with its layer of memory foam. It also has an additional comfort foam layer underneath. Both layers provide relief while you sleep on the mattress. It is worth mentioning again that the mattress regulates temperature, which ensures a cool feeling as you sleep. What could be better than this? It is one thing to sleep tight and another to sleep without the sweat.

7. LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Dual-Layered

Key Feature & Specification
  • It has gel-infused memory foam that makes up 2.5 inches of the mattress.
  • The base foam is about 7.5 inches thick.
  • It uses TENCEL fabric for the cover of the mattress.
  • This weighs 55 pounds in total.
  • The dimension of this mattress is 80 x 60 x 10 inches.

This is a dual-layered mattress with gel-infused memory foam for regulated temperature foam. Beneath the memory foam is the base foam that is thick enough to provide body support. The memory foam alone can already make you feel better as it adjusts to your body’s positions while you sleep. It warms up to your pressure points giving you a relaxing feel in all of your body’s curves. Aside from that, the mattress is highly ventilated with a TENCEL fabric cover that is soft on the skin. Overall, this thick queen size mattress is great to sleep on.

  • Its memory foam is ventilated for a cooler temperature.
  • It has a ventilated cover for a softer feeling.
  • Its top surface conforms to your body position to feel better while lying down.
  • Suitable for humid and hot areas
  • The mattress is heavy to flip for some users.
  • Too firm for some
Why You Should Buy This Product?

If you are looking for a thick queen size mattress, this one should be added to your list of top mattresses to consider. It is well ventilated for a cooler feeling when lying down on it. The gel infusion regulates the temperature of the mattress, plus the memory foam itself has a ventilated design that supports proper airflow. On top of that, you have the breathable cover that gives you a very soft feeling as your skin touches the surface of the mattress. Buying this product will make you feel better sleeping.

6. Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 6 Inch Mattress, Twin

Key Feature & Specification
  • The layers of the mattress include 1.5-inch memory foam and a 4.5-inch base foam.
  • It has been infused with natural oil for the continued freshness of mattress.
  • It has a dimension of 75 inches by 39 inches by 6 inches.
  • It weighs 35.7 pounds.

This Zinus product has a mid-size thickness of 6 inches that is made of a layer of memory foam and a base foam. The foams used follow standard requirements and all of them are top of the line. Like other products, this is infused with natural oil to keep the mattress free from foul smells. This doesn’t use petroleum and is designed to be free of harmful chemicals.  It can fit at least two people with its twin size. Aside from that, it weighs very light as well, making it easier for you to transfer it from one frame to another or to flip it.

  • It uses bio foam with natural oils instead of petroleum.
  • The top layer of the mattress conforming to your sleeping form for a better sleeping experience.
  • Made with a high-density foam base layer for stability and durability.
  • The thickness of the foam can be too soft for other users.
  • Too thin for some people
Why You Should Buy This Product?

If you are looking for a not-sothick mattress that remains plush, this twin-sized product of Zinus will please you. It has a highly dense base to support your body as you sleep. Also, the memory foam on the top serves as another support to your body. It conforms to your sleeping position, making you feel comfortable despite the movements you make. Relax and restore your energy after a tiresome day, when you sleep on this plush mattress, whether for a short nap or a good long sleep.

5. Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch / Premium / Ultra Plush / Cloud-like Mattress, Full

Key Feature & Specification
  • This has a dimension of 54 inches by 75 inches by 12 inches.
  • It has a 1-inch microfiber quilting in its knitted cover that is made of jacquard fabric.
  • Its 2-inch memory foam is infused with natural fresheners like green tea, charcoal, and plant oil.
  • The other layers of foam include an inch of responsive foam, 3 inches comfort foam, and 5 inches of base foam.

Another product from Zinus, this 12-inch plush mattress has layers of memory foam, responsive foam, comfort foam, and support foam. It has extracts of green tea, charcoal, and plant oil that keeps the mattress deodorized. Comes with a quilted knitted jacquard cover. It is soft to sleep on and gives full body support as your body presses on the surface. It gives you the cloud-like experience every time to make sure that you get the relief you are looking for in your sleep.

  • The knitting and texture of the cover are soft on the skin.
  • It has built-in fresheners to keep odor away from sticking on the mattress.
  • It is a full-size mattress to give you more space when sleeping on it.
  • Some people complain that the mattress is too soft for their liking.
Why You Should Buy This Product?

This is a spacious mattress with built-in fresheners. If you are looking for thick but plush foam, this is for you. The best part about this is that it has a layer of Viscolatex foam that is strong enough to withhold any form of pressure. The memory foam conforms to your body for a better feeling when sleeping. Wake up from a good sleep and feel rejuvenated with this super soft mattress.

4. Best Price Mattress 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Full

Key Feature & Specification
  • This 10-inch thick mattress is composed of layers of 3 inches memory foam, 2 inches super soft foam, and high-density foam.
  • This has no pressure points.
  • It has a total weight of 53 pounds.
  • The dimension of this product is 75 inches by 54 inches by 10 inches.

This is a full-sized Best Price mattress with a thickness of 10 inches. It has layers of memory foam, soft foam, and base foam. It doesn’t have any pressure points for better relaxation and balanced feeling when lying down on it. It also has pressure relief foam that makes the mattress better to sleep in. It has active charcoal infusion so your mattresses are kept odor-free.

  • Its memory foam conforms to the usual sleeping position for comfort.
  • It reduces and isolates motion, so you sleep undisturbed even when someone sleeping beside you moves a lot.
  • Your weight is evenly distributed on the mattress.
  • Some users have experienced the mattress to sink after a few months.
  • The foam can be too firm for those who are used to spring mattresses.
Why You Should Buy This Product?

Have a better night’s sleep with this pressure-relieving mattress. Its memory foam hugs your body, making you feel like you are sleeping clouds. Also, it neutralizes any movements with the person sleeping next to you. Avoid waking up all the time because of their movements. Expect fresh and long sleep coming your way with this charcoal-infused mattress.

3. Signature Sleep 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

Key Feature & Specification
  • This is a queen-size mattress with 12 inches thickness.
  • It has layers of 3.5 inches memory foam and 8.5 inches high-density foam.
  • The top memory foam has a knit fabric cover that is eco-friendly.
  • The dimension of this mattress is 80 inches by 60 inches by 12 inches.
  • The total weight of the mattress is 68.2 pounds.

This queen-size mattress from Signature Sleep has layers of memory foam and base foam covered with knitted fabric. Although big, the weight of this product is just enough. It does not use any harmful and toxic materials such as lead, mercury, and TCEP. This ensures a safe sleep for you and your family. It has natural oils that keep the mattress smelling fresh.

  • This is large enough to accommodate the whole family.
  • This is free from harmful toxic materials such as PBDE’s and mercury.
  • Promotes a good night’s sleep
  • The memory foam can be too firm for some people.
  • It might have a strong smell right out of the box
Why You Should Buy This Product?

A good 12-inch thick foam is a definite catch by anyone’s standard, making the Signature Sleep 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress a good investment. It also eco-friendly and chemical-free, so you know you get good value for money when you buy it. Because the mattress adapts to your sleeping position, you can say goodbye to sore shoulder and hips.

2. Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 8 Inch Mattress, Full

Key Feature & Specification
  • This has 8 inches of foam with a length and width of 75 x 54 inches, respectively.
  • This weighs 45.1 pounds overall.
  • It has layers of foams with 2 inches memory foam, 2 inches comfort foam, and 4 inches base foam.
  • Its bio-foam keeps the mattress odor-free.

This 8-inch thick Zinus mattress is made of layers of memory foam, comfort bio foam, and its base foam. The layers used are carefully picked out to provide comfort without any odor. It uses plant oil to keep it smelling fresh. Its full size gives enough space for the users to lie down in any position they are comfortable with. It is plush and promotes a good sleep, so you wake up refreshed.

  • It has a soft knitted cover on the mattress.
  • It is thick and comfortable that lets you have a good rest.
  • Layers of foam provide ample body support while you sleep.
  • It can be too stiff for some users.
  • The foam can have an annoying odor in the first few minutes after unboxing.
Why You Should Buy This Product?

If you are looking for a lightweight foam that is still thick enough for your comfort, this full-sized mattress is good for you. It keeps you from harmful deodorizers and uses natural oils instead to keep it smelling good. It hugs your body comfortably as you sleep, giving you a better relaxing experience. Aside from that, its memory foam keeps the pressure points of your body in a comfortable position to relieve you of any pain.

1. Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, Queen 

Key Feature & Specification
  • It has a product dimension 80 inches length, 60 inches width, and 12 inches thickness.
  • It weighs about 67 pounds.
  • The cover is made of soft-knitted fabric.
  • It has layers of 3 inches memory foam, 2 inches comfort foam, 3.5 inches airflow foam, and a 3.5 base support foam.
  • The memory foam is infused with green tea extracts.
  • This is a queen-sized mattress.

This 12-inched mattress uses layers of memory foam, comfort foam, airflow foam, and base support foam. The topmost layer, which is the memory foam, is infused with green tea extracts to keep the foam free from odor even if months have passed after you first used it. The size of the mattress is spacious enough for two people. To top everything off, the whole mattress is wrapped in a knitted fabric that feels soft.

  • The green tea infusion keeps the mattress fresh and good-smelling.
  • This is thick and comfortable to lie down on with a conforming form.
  • The top layer is soft with a knitted fabric cover.
  • Some claims that when sitting on the mattress, it can sag on one side.
  • Not firm enough for some people
  • Not recommended for people who sleep on their side
Why You Should Buy This Product?

If you are looking for a queen-sized mattress that is really thick, then this 12-inch foam will meet your needs. Its memory foam layer will mold perfectly to your body as you sleep on it. Sleep in a nice-smelling bed that will make you feel like you are sleeping on the clouds.

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