Best Anti-Static Sprays for your home in 2022


Static electricity is a stationary electric charge that is produced by friction. When two objects rubbed together create static electricity, one object gives up electrons and becomes positively charged. The other material collects electrons and becomes more negatively charged. The static charge is generated by the transfer of electrons between the positive and negative charges.

Best anti static spray for clothes and surfaces

Static cling on freshly washed clothes can easily be remedied with anti static spray

In the home, static electricity is a nuisance. For example, if your carpet is made from synthetic fibers, you will likely generate a static charge every time you walk over it. In winter this gets more pronounced, because the drier air makes it easier for electrons to build up on a surface. Then, if you touch a metal door knob (metal is very conductive), electricity will quickly discharge as a small spark.

When doing laundry (especially when washing synthetic fabrics), static cling is especially problematic. When you put on clothes with static buildup, they crackle and pop, turn hair frizzy and stick to your body in the most awkward places. Why put yourself out there without having the right protection for the job?

Anti static sprays offer a clean and easy solution to combat the effects of static buildup in home, office and industry. This article breaks down how anti static sprays work, then looks at the best anti static sprays on the market.

Before reviewing anti-static sprays, here are answers to the most common questions about household uses of these products:

What do anti static sprays do?

How do anti static sprays work?

How do you get rid of static on clothes?

What are the best anti static spray alternatives?

What are the benefits of using anti static sprays?

What is the best anti static spray?

Reviews of the 7 Best Anti-Static Sprays

ACL Staticide 2005 Regular Heavy Duty Topical Anti-Stat, 1 qt Trigger Sprayer Bottle

#7th rated

For people who have problems with electronic grounding or static electricity in offices or homes, ACL Staticide is an ideal solution for high friction surfaces.

Key features and specifications

  • Product Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Exceeds MIL-B-81705 specifications
  • Proprietary water-based formulation
  • Proven to be effective in humidity below 15%
  • Long-lasting solution for high friction surface
  • Pros

  • Exceed specifications for static decay
  • Topical anti-static spray for absorbent surfaces
  • Effective in surfaces with heavy use
  • Does not stain clothing and it doesn’t have any strong smell
  • Cons

  • Needs frequent re-application
  • Trigger can malfunction, causing too much liquid to be sprayed on causing objects and surfaces to become wet
  • Smells like a disinfectant
  • Why Should You Buy This Product?

    This versatile anti-static spray from ACL Staticide eliminates static and prevents tribogeneration on upholstery, fabrics, and carpets. In addition it prevents static related problems like the ignition of dust or solvents that may cause fires or explosions.

    This product is also effective at eliminating static build-up in places that are too cold or that has a lot of electronic equipment. In these areas, static build-up can damage electronics by producing electric shocks in contained spaces with high friction potential.

    Thus, ACL Staticide is ideal for people needing a powerful multi-surface ideal in both industrial and household settings. 

    ACL Staticide – General Purpose AntiStatic Liquid, 32 oz

    #6th rated

    ACL Staticide’s general purpose anti-static liquid can be applied on floors, carpets, walls, and other materials. This product kills static on every contact and surface, preventing damage to sensitive components, and electronic equipment by reducing the static charge.

    Key features and specifications

  • Product Dimension: 12 x 4 x 4 inches
  • Product Weight: 32 ounces
  • Eliminates static charge, while reducing dirt and bacteria
  • Use on all types of surfaces
  • Proven to be effective in humidity below 15%
  • Pros

  • Safe to use as it is non-toxic and non-flammable
  • Reduces PC board solder faults
  • Eliminates EDP field service problems
  • Biodegradable and non-staining
  • Cons

  • Bottle and sprayer system could use some improvement
  • Not as long-lasting
  • Least effective on fabric, but most effective on electronic equipment
  • Why Should You Buy This Product?

    Is your electronic equipment malfunctioning due to static build up in the office? This static-eliminating product eliminates static on contact to prevent static build-up in various facilities. ACL’s anti-static products have been used by many electronic companies to protect electronic equipment from static. ACL’s anti-static liquid is definitely worth the investment, as it prevents medical and electronic equipment, textiles, and other items from any static damage.

    Static Schmatic – Static Schmatic for Clothing (Set of 2)

    #5th rated

    For people who have problems with electronic grounding or static electricity in offices or homes, ACL Staticide is an ideal solution for high friction surfaces.

    Key features and specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 1 x 2 x 6.5 inches
  • Product Weight: 3 ounces/bottle
  • 100% natural, chemical-free, odor-free, stain-free
  • No residue
  • Pros

  • Stops static build-up from forming
  • Friendly on your clothes and does not leave any stains
  • Keeps your clothes lint-free
  • High-quality anti-static spray with all natural ingredients
  • Cons

  • Anti-static spray does not offer a permanent or long-term fix
  • May need re-application to eliminate static
  • Not a replacement for lint brush or tape
  • Why Should You Buy This Product?

    Washing your clothes in the washing machine assures you that it gets clean. Yes, it does make your clothes clean but once you get them from the dryer, it creates a clingy bond and sticks to your clothes. If you have pets in your home, they’d probably leave every trace of their fur in your furniture or even on your clothes. You wouldn’t want that do you? Everyone wants their clothes clean and fresh, which is why anti-static sprays like Static Schmatic’s are made to eliminate every single trace of lint, fur, and clinging bonds. You won’t have to worry about getting the lint one by one, you can easily eliminate them as you bring the anti-static spray along with you.

    Real Simple Clean Wrinkle Release, Static Cling Remover, Pillow & Fabric Freshener

    #4th rated

    This handy product provides fast acting static cling and wrinkle removal and works especially well as a pillow and fabric freshener. Perfect for both home and travel use, Real Simple Static Cling Remover is a natural product fortified with bio-based essential oils that come in fresh citrus, lavender and unscented variations.

    Key features and specifications

    • Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 2.8 x 2.6 inches
    • Product Weight: 1.1 pounds
    • Quick fix static Cling removal, wrinkle remover and fabric freshener
    • Contains no caustics, dyes, synthetic fragrances, chlorine, formaldehyde or phosphates


    • Handy spray bottle fits easily into a travel bag
    • Very effective at quickly removing wrinkles
    • An excellent way to eliminate static while freshening fabrics at the same time


    • Heavily wrinkled clothes may need several applications of spray before smoothing out
    • May stain some fabrics - test first before trying a full application

    Why Should You Buy This Product?

    Real Simple's Wrinkle Release Anti Static Spray contains less harsh chemicals than competing brands with a light, pleasant scent that most will find appealing. For best results, spray onto clothes and leave them on coat hangers - after a few minutes, the wrinkles will magically disappear!

    You should buy this product if you want an anti static spray that will make your fabrics look freshly pressed on demand.

    Sprayway Anti Static Spray (6 oz)

    #3rd rated

    Popular among heavy industrial and professional cleaners, Sprayway Anti Static Spray counteracts static electricity charges that attract dust, lint and hair. This versatile product can be used on all types of natural and synthetic carpeting, furniture and curtains. In addition it can be used on hard surfaces like metal rollers, drive belts, scanners and computer disk drives.

    Key features and specifications

    • Product Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5 x 6 inches ; 4.8 ounces
    • Product Weight: 9.6 ounces
    • Helps protect computers, electronics and all types of fabrics
    • Leaves no residue


    • Effectively protects computers and sensitive electronics and hard surfaces from static buildup
    • Commonly used by industrial cleaners to keep static under control - its performance in the field is acclaimed 
    • Also works on all types of natural and synthetic fabrics - simply spray lightly the the electricity buildup will vanish


    • This product works well enough on clothes, but we suggest using a dedicated anti static spray for clothes for best results
    • Can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses

    Why Should You Buy This Product?

    The best way to choose specialty products is to look at what experts are using in the field. For industrial strength static control, Sprayway Anti Static spray is one of the top brands on the market. Home users can count on this product to eliminate static buildup on carpets, drapes, walls, electronics and all types of hard surfaces. If you're looking for rock-solid results with just a few sprays, this product is a winner.

    Downy Wrinkle Release Spray Plus for Clothes (2-pack)

    #2nd rated

    This popular product is all all-in-one wrinkle remover, odor eliminator and static remover for clothes. Aside from completely eliminating static on fabrics, it can remove most wrinkles - without use on an iron!

    Key features and specifications

    • Product Weight: 33.8 fluid ounces; comes in a pack of 2
    • Eliminates odors, refreshes fabric, removes static and eliminates wrinkles
    • Comes with free shipping via Amazon Prime
    • Effective on curtains, tablecloths, sheets, pillow cases and all types of clothing
    • Long-lasting static protection for clothes


    • Powerfully eliminates static cling while removing hair and lint from all types of fabrics
    • Improved spray nozzle ensures more even distribution
    • Very effective at removing wrinkles - great for students
    • Applies cleanly without leaving spots or residue


    • The synthetic fresh sense is not pleasing for everyone
    • Works best removing mild wrinkles - serious creases will still need to be ironed out

    Why Should You Buy This Product?

    This is a versatile anti-static spray for all types of fabrics. If you're looking for more from your anti static spray, Downy Wrinkle Release Plus exceeds other sprays with these extra features:

    • Removes wrinkles without need for ironing
    • Eliminates odors
    • Works like dry cleaning in a spray bottle

    Students, busy professionals and others who need to eliminate static cling while keeping clothes looking crisp and fresh, this is wonderful product that works extremely well. 

    Static Guard Spray — 5.5 oz. (Pack of 3)

    #1st rated

    Can’t seem to get out of the house without cleaning the lint left off your clothing repeatedly? Check out the world-famous Static Guard Spray. This product is by far the most popular anti static spray for clothing. 

    Key features and specifications

  • Product Weight: 5.5 ounces
  • Comes in 3 spray cans at 5.5 ounces each
  • Long-lasting anti-static spray
  • Residue free
  • Safe to use on all fabrics
  • Pros

    • The product comes in a pack of 3, which works out to less per can
    • Chemical ingredients in the product will not stain your clothing
    • Effective in stopping pet hair from clinging to clothes
    • Instantly eliminates static cling


    Some people report noticing a slight chemical odor after spraying on clothes

    Why Should You Buy This Product?

    Never get out of the house with your clothes looking all messy. This anti-static fabric spray from Static Guard keeps your clothes looking fresh and new by eliminating static clings. Its lightweight structure makes it convenient to bring everywhere you go, you can even keep one in your car, office, bag, and at home. This not only works on clothes, but also on other fabrics, making it a great investment. Safe to use on all fabrics without the risk of stain.


    If you maintain expensive electronics equipment in your home or office, keeping some ACL Staticide (heavy duty or or general pupose) on hand will ensure you're protected in all situations. A third option for household electronics is industrial strength Sprayway Anti Static Spray.

    In addition, as a supplement to your laundry detergent and fabric softener routines, Static Guard Spray and Static-Shmatic will quickly address any static cling snafus. While Static Guard Spray is great on clothes, it also works wonderfully on walls, carpets and furniture. If you need even more out of your anti static fabric spray, Real Simple and Downy Wrinkle Release Sprays can also freshen fabrics and remove wrinkles. 

    Now that you know everything about anti static sprays, there is no reason to suffer the hassles of static cling on your clothes, carpets or electronics equipment. Choose the right product for your needs and you can ensure a dust-free and static free healthy home environment.